please pick only one post size.


Enchanted!Klaine because my other enchanted!klaine was gettin notes again and it was on last night and because of favi and emmy~

fashionabledarrencriss whispered: i am so in love with your art! damn! and i just found your blog! you're so got me with that Castiel baby Blaine drawing T_T so beautiful! I hope you're having an amazing day! :)

BABY BLAINE WINCHESTER IS SO IMPORTANT also thank you so much!! i hope you have a nice day too!

klainer-da-llamanator whispered: IM IN LOVE WITH YOU. YOU'RE SO DAMN TALENTED.


Anonymous whispered: Oki oki I followed your other account.. AND THANK YOU I DONT MIND ILL TAKE ANYTHING AT THIS POINT YOU ARE AMAZING :D

thank you uwuwuwu

Anonymous whispered: How hard would I have to beg for another Marley/Blaine Serial killer fan art??? ( Your art is supermegafoxyawsomehot btw)

IT WOULD PROBAbly not take that much bc i love serial killer!marley/blaine ITS SO GREAT but i prolly woundnt put as much time into it tbh


also also: if you would want to see more you should check it out on my main account “riley-coyote” bc i dont post any art here anymore bc of reasons so just so ya know

kitty!kurt and kitty!levi takin a lil nappy because they’re my precious babes

sapphiremethoney whispered: Hey! Did you make the Klaine autumn background? If so, is there anyway you could make an iphone 4s size?

hello yes i did and i totally can! but i cant right now bc its late and school night and such bleh but i will when i have time tomorrow no worries! :D

Anonymous whispered: REMEMBER LIKE FIVE MONTHS AGO AND YOU DID GLEESTUCK AND IT WAS GREAT you should maybe draw more of that if you want i would beeeee so happy u dont know uwu also hi ? ur a qt

ahhhHHH thank you so much i do plan on drawing some more i might even add some peeps if i can ((im still terrible with blood colors))


i tried to draw reigisa for emma gomen

im not ready for school and im gonna be a total failure but at least i’ll look hella decent